An Impromptu Trip to the Queen City

For Christmas I got my husband the best gift ever. I hooked him up with a snowboard trip to Jackson Hole with some of his friends and he left this weekend. Thursday night we were talking about the hotel he booked in Cincinnati since his flight left so early Saturday morning and he suggested the kids and I meet there on Friday afternoon. Perfect quick trip to spend some time with him and also take the kids to do something fun.


We ended up meeting at Rhinegeist Brewery in an area of Cinci called Over the Rhine. The kids love it there since they have ping pong and soft pretzels. We hung out there a while and then went to have dinner. Be sure to check out my Untapped check-ins…I tried several new brews I had never had before, and also picked up some to bring home.


Saturday morning Mark headed out bright and early and the kids and I headed over to the Newport Aquarium, which is just across the river from Cinci in Kentucky. We had a great time checking out all the frogs, fish, sharks and penguins. I probably had the best time watching Henrik’s reaction to everything. He’s pretty knowledgeable about a lot of the animals we saw, he spends most of his days watching videos about fish. Impressive for an 8-year-old.


If you plan on going to the Newport Aquarium, you may want to look at getting your tickets in advance, as the line to get them at 10am when the place opened was INSANE. If you can avoid a Saturday, you’ll be better off as well. It was packed, almost uncomfortably so. They were having a deal that you could upgrade your ticket for an extra $20, that may have been why it was so crazy.

Bring hand sanitizer too, the kids all had their arms down in some of the shallow tanks to pet the horseshoe crabs and other shellfish. There’s also a jungle gym in the “Frog Bog” and I’m sure hand sanitizer is smart after the kids go in it. Mine are a little too big for that, so I didn’t have to worry, but I saw a ton of smaller kids in there. We don’t need any of that flu noise in this house, no way.


I always enjoy the opportunity to get out of dodge for a day and spend some quality time with the kids. Next time I get up to Cincinnati, I’ll be there to run the Flying Pig Marathon! More on that later as I finish up my training.

Hope you guys had a great weekend. Looking forward to bringing you some recipes I tested on Sunday that I think you are going to like. In the meantime, check out this JAM. I freakin’ love Huey, this video cracks me up.

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  1. I enjoyed your blog and am looking forward to more of your travels. Keep up the good work and all the fun doing it!

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