The Locals


My husband Mark is from West Virginia (hence me referring to him and my kids as locals). I met him on my second day of class in college, when he sat behind me in Economics class. I didn’t know his first name for 4 solid months, and he talked to me all the time. It took me a year to finally wise up to the fact that he liked me, and the rest is history. Mark is the life of the party. He manages to make friends with everyone, which balances me perfectly, since I put of more of a New Jersey vibe so people don’t warm as quickly to me as they do him. He is extremely funny, one of his best traits and one of the things I love about him the most. There’s never a dull moment when he’s around. He’s a great Dad, friend, and basically the person I love the most.

He has a variety of interests, many of which will be covered in this blog. We love to travel together and experiencing new things. We love to drink beer together, go snowboarding/skiing, and watch movies. Mark can quote movies better than anyone I know. He is really into working out and his interests range from weight-lifting to running to taking my BodyPump class. He completed his first full Ironman in October of 2015, and ever since he started training for long distance triathlons, he has been hooked. During racing season he spends about 20 hours per week on his training. The kids and I are SO proud of him.


My daughter Maren is probably the most confident, carefree, independent person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. For only being 12 years old, she in many ways acts more like an adult than, well…me. This tough cookie has no problem telling you how she feels about anything, which is a quality that I know many moms would love to see in their daughters. I hit the jack-pot with this one. She has made it her personal mission to look after our little family and she does a good job of it. I have a very 2-sided relationship with her, meaning she gives back to me what I give her.

Her favorite things? They are a little unconventional for girls her age, but hey, Maren marches to the beat of her own drum. She passionately loves football, ice hockey, Taylor Swift, art, baking, and as you can see in her photo- chocolate. We call her our little Goose, a nickname she has thoroughly embraced as she has it on the back of every sports jersey she owns, and she has quite a few.


This little blonde spitfire rounded out our family 9 years ago. After he was born we knew our family was complete. What can I say about Henrik? Not to get too sappy, but he totally completes me. Henrik has the greatest personality, as I think is the case with a lot of people who are the youngest in the family. The 3 of us completely dote on him, and he gives us every reason to. Henrik has this 6th sense where he just knows when you are having a rough day or something is wrong so he does his best to make it right. He’s the sort of person that never pulls away first when you give him a hug. I hope all of you have a person like this in your life.

Henrik is one of those kids whose interests change constantly, but when he is into something, he eats, sleeps and breathes it. Right now the flavor of the week is fishing. He recently joined Boy Scouts, so he can be an outdoors-man to his heart’s content. He can talk endlessly about different types of fish, how they breed, breathe, live, etc. Our little man is also into playing on his iPad, Nerf guns and kayaking.

Just realized both of their pictures involve chocolate!