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Rafting Down the New River

Last Saturday Mark and I were able to join the Huntington Ski Club on a special day trip rafting down the New River. I have been talking about organizing a trip like this for the club for a long time, and this summer we were finally able to get it together and actually go.

There are several white water rafting companies to choose from, but we used Adventures on the Gorge since they are the most well known. I called about 1 month in advance, set the reservation date and time and all I had to do was call them as the date got closer and update them on the number of people coming. Easy Peasy. As most things like this go, we had people sign up, change their minds, decide to go, or show up at the last minute. Typical, right? Adventures on the Gorge made the whole experience painless. We were able to give a final count the day before the trip and pay the balance the morning of the trip. It was great! Continue reading

What’s up with the name of this blog, anyway?

So as I mentioned on the About Me page, I have dreamed of starting a blog for about 5 years now. Why have I waited so long? Good question. I guess I have always thought that if I couldn’t give it the attention it deserved, then I shouldn’t do it at all.

Young people reading this- get ready to do an epic eye roll- but I realized over time, and as I got older, that dreaming about something without actually taking the steps to make it a reality… well, that’s just crazy. I’ve had plenty of other things to keep me occupied over the course of the last 5 years, like kids, running marathons, teaching BodyPump, yadda yadda. But I always kept coming back to this as soon as the dust from that other activity settled. Continue reading