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It’s Cold Outside Treadmill Workout

Lately I had had very little motivation to head outside for a run. I just found out a few weeks ago that I was accepted into the 2018 Chicago Marathon, so I need to keep up with my running. The colder West Virginia weather and turning the clock back has put me in serious hibernation mode. Last week Mark took Henrik out for a trail run, and I just couldn’t get geared up to go with them. Instead Maren and I went to the gym where I took her through a 30 minute treadmill workout that I cooked up. Figured some of you may be feeling the same as me, so here ya go!

Winter Treadmill workout

Run the Bluegrass

Remember when I told you that I was training for the Flying Pig Marathon? Well, part of my training involves running a half marathon a month or so before that so I know that I at least can get a fairly good race day pace. It may not help much, but it helps mentally give me an idea of what needs to happen the last few weeks before it’s go time.

This year, Mark and I drove to Lexington to Run the Bluegrass, which takes place at Keeneland, a classy venue for horse racing. We stayed with my best buddy and partner in crime, Brooke, who recently moved to Lexington. Running, beer, Brooke, food, and Lexington? My friends, these are all ingredients that make an epic weekend.

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Pub Run Weekend Recap

I was lucky to be able to leave work early on Friday, hop into the car with some friends and head to the mountains for the weekend. The second week in February, the West Virginia Mountain Trail Runners put on a free run appropriately named the “Pub Run”. If you are in or around WV, and you would like to get into trail running, or you already do it, You are not alone! This active group organizes a bunch of challenging races for anyone who prefers the trails to road.

The run begins and ends in Davis, WV at Mountain State Brewery. We rented a big house for our group in Canaan Valley, but we made a couple pit stops on our way to the cabin.

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