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Book Review: Lilac Girls

When we stopped in New Jersey for a pit stop on our way to Norway in June, my Grandma gave me a book to read while on vacation, and I just finished it last night. More specifically, I took a pain pill (I had surgery on my foot last week) and read until the wee hours. It was glorious… I can’t recall the last time I stayed up late because I couldn’t put a book down.

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Book Review: #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso

I am a big fan of reading fiction, but have had several non-fiction books catch my eye lately. You can chock it up to a mid-life crisis, a need to better myself, or simply a good blog topic. Whatever the reason, I’m enjoying it and it has been at the root of several important conversations I’ve had with Mark lately. We’ve discussed everything from running a sound business, how to become a social media super star and how to put your best foot forward in a relationship. Continue reading