Cool Shit #4

It’s that time again! I have put together a list of somethings that I have been loving lately. I hope you enjoy- and comment below letting me know of something you have been into. I’m always looking to try new things!

1. Julie Ann Art

Around Christmas I was on the hunt for a Christmas card that wasn’t too sappy, but also memorable. I love getting cards from our family and friends with pictures, but I was behind the 8-ball on getting the kids pictures made, and Maren still had those awkward braces on her teeth. Enter Julie Ann Art. This woman is my spirit animal. I found a card with personality that I knew no one would forget. Sure enough, my hand written card was to be found on Facebook, SnapChat and Instagram when my friends received theirs in the mail. I just recently bought some more for my parents, sister, and Mark.


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The World’s Best Cake

When I lived in Norway we used to visit my step-dad Harry’s Mom all the time. Her name was Hanna and I guess you can call her my step grandma. I loved her. She used to sing to her plants as she watered them and when I asked her why, she told me in broken English that it helped them grow. I feel like this describes her perfectly.

She also was a great cook and we looked forward to going to her house for dinner on Sundays. More exciting than the dinner was of course, dessert. There’s this cake she used to make that we considered her specialty called “Verdens Beste Kake”, or in English, “The World’s Best Cake”.

Cake batter

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Tech Neck is a Pain in the Ass…I mean Neck

Back in 1992 I took a class in school that I guess you could call accounting/IT. It was a weird mix of learning how to manage finances and use a computer, but not at the same time. During the final there was a bonus question on the last page that read, “What is the Internet, and how will it change the future?”

Guys, I was a little bit of an over achiever back then and this question made me break out into a cold sweat.  I didn’t know the answer. I literally had no clue what the internet even was. Fast forward to today where all I do is look at a computer all day.

Back then “tech neck” certainly wasn’t a problem, but lately it’s been taking over my life. I have taken a couple steps towards getting some relief from this ailment that I thought I would share. I know for a fact a lot of you are having the same issue. (Side note: Has the term tech neck made it into the dictionary yet?) Continue reading

Side Dish Fit for a Cookout

Spur of the moment gatherings are the norm around here, so I (or my pantry) has to be ready for anything. I’ve had this side dish in my back pocket for a while now, and I pull it out when I need to get a large side dish together in a flash. The best part? Everyone loves it, and it goes perfectly with both burgers or chicken on the grill.

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Cool Shit #3

Spring is finally (permanently?) in the air, and I hope you all have a great Easter holiday with your families. I have plans to bake a cake on Saturday to bring to my in-laws on Sunday, I plan on sharing the recipe with you guys after I fine tune it a bit. Stay tuned for that one, it’s a keeper.

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Book Review: #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso

I am a big fan of reading fiction, but have had several non-fiction books catch my eye lately. You can chock it up to a mid-life crisis, a need to better myself, or simply a good blog topic. Whatever the reason, I’m enjoying it and it has been at the root of several important conversations I’ve had with Mark lately. We’ve discussed everything from running a sound business, how to become a social media super star and how to put your best foot forward in a relationship. Continue reading

Run the Bluegrass

Remember when I told you that I was training for the Flying Pig Marathon? Well, part of my training involves running a half marathon a month or so before that so I know that I at least can get a fairly good race day pace. It may not help much, but it helps mentally give me an idea of what needs to happen the last few weeks before it’s go time.

This year, Mark and I drove to Lexington to Run the Bluegrass, which takes place at Keeneland, a classy venue for horse racing. We stayed with my best buddy and partner in crime, Brooke, who recently moved to Lexington. Running, beer, Brooke, food, and Lexington? My friends, these are all ingredients that make an epic weekend.

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