So there’s me…

Where do I start? They say when you don’t know where to start, the beginning might be a good place. So let’s go there.

I was born in Brick, New Jersey, a little town a couple miles from the Jersey Shore. When I was 11, my parents decided to call it quits and my Mom got a wild hair to move to Norway. She has been traveling there all her life since my maternal grandfather is 100% Norwegian. Not that she knew Norwegian.. or what exactly she was doing.. but off we went to the Land of the Midnight Sun. If you are interested in this story, read the book HERE. Long story short, I ended up staying there through all my formative years and didn’t leave until I was 21 years old to attend college in West Virginia.

I tell people I’m from Norway all the time. Not because I’m ignoring the fact that I actually come from the Garden State, but more because those are the years that I can remember the best about growing up. I went through all my teenage years there, so Norway plays a big part of who I am.

In 1999, after finishing an Associates Degree in English Literature, I decided college life in the U.S. was the life for me. I ended up enrolling in Marshall University that fall, to study Marketing and Economics. I didn’t know what tailgating was, had never heard of the terms “sucker” or “sweeper”, and had never in my life taken a test that was multiple choice. (And for the record, what the hell is a toboggan, anyway?) A girl in a foreign land.

I met my husband the very first day of class, and when I committed to him, I committed to life in WV. Now, don’t get me wrong, I DID cry the day he unscrewed my NJ license plate off my car to replace it with a shiny new one from the Mountain State. But I have made this my home.

I’d venture to say there aren’t many people on this planet who are a weird hybrid of New Jersey, Norway, and West Virginia. This blog is something I have wanted to start for, oh… 5 years or so? Finally! Here it is. Wild and Wonderful Me. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

A favorite quote of mine:

“I’ll walk where my own nature would be leading: It vexes me to choose another guide.”

-Emily Bronte, “Often Rebuked, Yet Always Back Returning”