The Flying Pig Marathon Recap

Last weekend we piled into the car for yet another trip to our favorite city, Cincinnati! This time we had goals (besides drinking great beer): running the Flying Pig Marathon. This is one that we have been thinking about doing for awhile now, but our schedules never worked out. This year, it was Cinci or bust.

Cinci skyline

I have a lot of trouble training for a spring marathon, I like fall much better. It’s so much easier to get out on those training runs when the weather is nice and warm. Cold weather runs bring back memories of running in freezing temps as a kid in Norway. This time I think I ran a 13.1, a 16, and a 20 miler to prep, with some shorter runs sprinkled throughout. I didn’t get in enough training because there aren’t enough hours in the day, and when I did have time I didn’t want to because it was too cold. Basically I am a huge wuss.

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The race started out bright and early at 6:30am, and we were lucky to stay close to the start line, so all we had to do was stroll down. After some major drama at the hotel because they didn’t have coffee in the lobby as promised, Mark and I were off to an unsure start. The routine was off, and I think it set the tone for the day. It was only 40 degrees, which is much colder weather than we have been having, but it was nice to run in the sunshine without it getting to hot. Right out of the gate I knew I wasn’t going to have a PR due to some hills and the fact that I had to stop to use the bathroom 4 times during the first half. Guess I went a little crazy with the hydration!

This was my 7th marathon, and my favorite by far has been Chicago (I’ve done it twice) so I went into this one hoping to feel some of the same energy as Chicago. I am pleased to report that Cinci did a great job of supporting their marathon as a community. They had signs, music, themed water stops, snacks, candy, tissues, you name it. Oh yeah, and bacon. All the bacon you could ever need or want while running a marathon. I stayed away, but I did eat a large handful of Cheez-Its while on the go at mile 22.

Flying Pig Reese

To be honest, the only thing I wanted that they didn’t have was soda at the finish line. There is nothing I want more than an ice cold Coke when I am done running long distance. I was a little disappointed, but they had enough snacks to make up for it. If you ever decide to do this race, it was well organized and the energy on the course was fantastic. I would do it again for sure. I would recommend staying somewhat near the start line. Our buddy Reese panicked a little since he had to drive in to the city to park and was running late.

We opted out of the after party to shower and head over to Taste of Belgium for brunch and to Rhinegeist for a beer. Both did not disappoint. If you ever get to the Over the Rhine area of Cincinnati, go to Taste of Belgium and have the chicken and waffles. There’s nothing like it. Then on your way out, pick up a 4-pack of waffles to take home. This may be the best restaurant suggestion I ever give you on this blog. No joke.

Cinci medal

That wraps up another marathon. If I decide to do Marshall marathon in the fall, I’ll train a little more….promise.

The day before the marathon we went to Mad Tree Brewing and as we were driving there using GPS it became clear that we were heading to a new location. We had heard they had moved, so when we got there it was exiting to see a large tasting room with a pizza kitchen and a badass outdoor space. While eating, Mark commented on how he couldn’t smell the beer bubbling in the back, and the couple at the table next to us told us they haven’t started brewing any beer at the new location yet. If you go and you think the same thing…there you go.


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