Tech Neck is a Pain in the Ass…I mean Neck

Back in 1992 I took a class in school that I guess you could call accounting/IT. It was a weird mix of learning how to manage finances and use a computer, but not at the same time. During the final there was a bonus question on the last page that read, “What is the Internet, and how will it change the future?”

Guys, I was a little bit of an over achiever back then and this question made me break out into a cold sweat.  I didn’t know the answer. I literally had no clue what the internet even was. Fast forward to today where all I do is look at a computer all day.

Back then “tech neck” certainly wasn’t a problem, but lately it’s been taking over my life. I have taken a couple steps towards getting some relief from this ailment that I thought I would share. I know for a fact a lot of you are having the same issue. (Side note: Has the term tech neck made it into the dictionary yet?)

Tech neck is the act of constantly bending our necks to look at our cell phones and laptops. Not only does it hurt, but it causes wrinkles and dropping jowls. Dropping jowls?!?

Here’s my short list of things to do to reverse the effects and be able to look over both shoulders pain free.

1. Set time limits when using the phone or computer. I try to take a break every 20 minutes or so by just moving around a little. There’s this awesome (and cute!) little tool that makes this process much more fun. Enter the Cube Timer. This little gem is totally worth 18 bucks.


2. Use tablet holders or computer elevation devices. I found this one online and it helps lift up my computer so I look straight ahead instead of down at the screen. Lifting the computer and lifting the skin on my face all in one fell swoop. Boom.

3. I bought a bed of nails. Yes, I’m going all medieval on your ass. This affordable item is gaining popularity everywhere, though people have been using acupressure techniques for centuries to cure what ails them. Works like a charm for tech neck. I just lie down on the mat and little bolster pillow for about 20 minutes while I’m watching TV or listening to a podcast, and the benefits are undeniable. Those rock hard little  spikes help ease headaches, muscle tension and aches. They reduce stress and anxiety by increasing blood flow to the area. Truth: it takes some getting used to. At first I wore a thick sweater but now I could lie on that thing topless. (For the record- I don’t.) Funnily enough, the nails are arranged in little flower shapes. Don’t let it fool you. Here’s the one I have, but in orange because I love the Broncos, you know.


Please keep in mind that I have no medical  training and I am not an expert. Consult a real doctor if you have a problem that exists- but I know my tips certainly won’t make your situation any worse.

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2 thoughts on “Tech Neck is a Pain in the Ass…I mean Neck

  1. First of all, ‘dropping jowls’ oh my! 🙁
    Also.. I’d love to find a bed of nails in Maren’s suitcase. Hint, hint! 😉

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