Cool Shit #5

Wow, I am so long overdue for a Cool Shit post. With all this travel this summer, and work being completely nuts, I haven’t gotten around to it, but I has come to realization that you guys need cool shit in your lives. I mean, who doesn’t? Let’s dive in.

1. Egyptian Musk Oil

Egyptian Musk

I read about this stuff randomly on some website just as I was thinking that I really needed to pick up a new perfume. I had run out of just about everything (which has taken years) and I was pretty damn sick of every scent I had on my dresser gathering dust. I LOVE it. It is believed to have been the favorite scent of Jaqueline Kennedy, but I’m not sure all that jazz. The scent is light and appealing and if you layer it with another perfume, it will help that scent stick around longer. I had it with me in New Jersey a few weeks ago and after I put it on my Dad commented and told me I smelled really good. He doesn’t exactly dish out compliments on the regular. That says it all, folks.

2. Once Again Almond Butter

Almond Butter

Back in June, Mark and I took a trip to Cincinnati and stopped at Jungle Jims. On a whim I picked up this almond butter. Is it just me or is it gross when the almond butter separates? Stirring it usually doesn’t help either, as the bottom has the same consistency as sludge. Once Again has done it! Perfect oil/nut ratio of deliciousness every time I open the jar. Once I visited their website I realized hey are connoisseurs of fine nut butters, honey and tahini. (They also have a ton of recipes!) If you buy online please note they only sell in cases. Let’s just say I’ll keep my eye out for this brand from now on.

3. Seeing a Podcast LIVE


It’s no secret to anyone that I binge on Podcasts harder than I binge on NetFlix and Norwegian chocolate bars. I find myself longing for the time of the day when it’s quiet and I can turn on my podcast and chill. My favorite time to listen is when I am putting on makeup before work, and while I am cooking dinner, preferably with a glass of wine in my hand. For the last 6 months or so I have been obsessed with The Dollop, an American history podcast where comedian Dave Anthony reads a story from history to his friend, Gareth Reynolds. (Pictured above with my brother Michael and I.) I had the opportunity to see them (and meet them!!) live in Philadelphia this summer and it was so fun I found myself wishing I lived somewhere that had a Podcast festival. Just one more thing we need to bring to our fine town. Fun fact: the next day, at the very same venue, the podcast Sawbones was scheduled. Small world- that podcast is from right here in WV.


Image result for dr. samantha boardman

I love this blog by Dr. Samantha Boardman. I don’t read it every day, but when I am feeling low, need a boost, or just some good advice on how to handle something, I make a pit stop there to see what she is up to. I feel like this woman is smart and just so…WISE. Her quick posts about cultivating relationships, maximizing you mood, parenting, etc. are little golden shiny nuggets of useful advice. I may or may not send certain posts to Mark when I am trying to drive home a point or I feel like he could use that particular post. Keep on trucking, Dr. Boardman, I’d be lost without you.

Finally, remember the Ole Henriksen Power Peel I raved about in Cool Shit #4? Use this link on their site to get your own and get $15 off your purchase: You can thank me later when your skin on your face feels soft like a koala.

Check it out, Today’s Jam: The hit of our Norwegian summer.


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