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Wine in a Can

Yeah, you read that right. I wanted to check in today just to tell you guys about some wine that I am loving lately that comes in a can. I know this blog centers on beer, but sometimes there is nothing better than coming home from work, throwing on some Sylvan Esso and a pair of sweatpants, cracking open a can of red, and cooking up dinner. So relaxing.

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Cool Shit #4

It’s that time again! I have put together a list of somethings that I have been loving lately. I hope you enjoy- and comment below letting me know of something you have been into. I’m always looking to try new things!

1. Julie Ann Art

Around Christmas I was on the hunt for a Christmas card that wasn’t too sappy, but also memorable. I love getting cards from our family and friends with pictures, but I was behind the 8-ball on getting the kids pictures made, and Maren still had those awkward braces on her teeth. Enter Julie Ann Art. This woman is my spirit animal. I found a card with personality that I knew no one would forget. Sure enough, my hand written card was to be found on Facebook, SnapChat and Instagram when my friends received theirs in the mail. I just recently bought some more for my parents, sister, and Mark.


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Cool Shit #3

Spring is finally (permanently?) in the air, and I hope you all have a great Easter holiday with your families. I have plans to bake a cake on Saturday to bring to my in-laws on Sunday, I plan on sharing the recipe with you guys after I fine tune it a bit. Stay tuned for that one, it’s a keeper.

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Let’s get serious for a second. Saving money is pretty hard, right? It comes pretty easy to some people, but I am the type who always stumbles across things that I need to have . To be specific, shoes and jackets. I have a problem.

So, back to the savings. Last year I read an article about this genius thing called Digit. It’s this awesome little website that you connect your bank account to and it pulls money out and saves it for you in your digit account. That in itself is cool because for busy people like me because it saves with literally no effort on my part. The BEST part is that it saves the money without you realizing that it’s gone. Digit analyzes your account and figures out how much it can safely pull from your account based on your spending habits. Continue reading