A Weekend Getaway and a Birthday

Well, it happened. There was just no stopping it. 40 has now come and gone. Isn’t it funny how something looms over you for months, then it happens…this calm comes over you, and you know you are going to be OK?

So Im 40

This past weekend Mark and I decided to get out of dodge to celebrate my birthday, and ended up going back to New Jersey to pick up my car. Adulting is hard. To make the most of it, we booked a hotel on the beach in Cape May and ended up having a fantastic time. This 40-year old isn’t complaining.

Saturday morning we drove the 90 minutes down the Shore and checked in at the Grand Hotel. It wasn’t the best hotel room, and we did get locked out of the room the second day due to the battery in the door going dead. I don’t exactly have a rave review, but rest assured there were a ton of places to stay. After checking in and having some lunch we drove to Cape May Brewing for an afternoon of day drinking.

Cape May brewingCape May beer menu

For all of you thinking of visiting breweries in New Jersey, don’t be alarmed when they ask you to do a brew tour before they serve you. Cape May had it set up so that you were forced to go through a self tour on your way to the bar in the back. Really weird law, right? They had a large menu of some great brews and a shop where we bought some T-shirts and some 6-pack cans to bring home. The seasonal was “The Bog”, a shandy that despite being the prettiest shade of pink, was not my style. They also had a brew named “Mop Water” that I just didn’t try because of the name. The flagship IPA was solid, and the vibe outside under the tent out back was chill, so we stayed for quite a while.

Cape May tasting

The next day we woke up bright and early in search of coffee and bagels (Can’t ever find a good bagel in WV, so I have at least one every time I go home.) that we ate outside as we walked down the beach. With Hurricane Irma scheduled to hit Florida on Sunday, it was crazy that the weather in Cape May was absolutely perfect.

Cape May beach and sea

Sunday afternoon we drove up to the Atlantic City Seafood Festival and met up with my Dad, which I thought was great because I got to spend some time with both of my parents during this trip.

 AC Seafood festival sand sculpture

The tickets to the festival were only $10, and when we walked in we could buy a $5 ticket for 17 chowder tastings. Yes, 17! We tried some awesome chowder and voted on the ones we liked the best.

 Chowder with softshell crab garnish

The beer tent was fabulous- for $10 they gave us 10 tickets for craft beer tastings from breweries exclusively from New Jersey. The best part was that the festival never seemed over crowded, so there was very little waiting in line, and there were tons of vendors there to purchase more seafood. We didn’t have to buy anything extra due to all the chowder. I highly recommend this event if you are in the area next year, or make a trip out of it and just go!

After we left the festival we all stopped to get some food at White House Subs. This place opened up in 1946 and my Dad told me that Frank Sinatra would have subs flown out to him in New York and L.A. while he was living. Is this true? You decide. It was a really old school sub shop that I’m sure hasn’t changed at all since the place opened.

White House subs Atlantic City

Monday morning (my birthday!) we drove back to West Virginia just in time to go to Henrik’s cross country meet where he took 2nd place in his race and head home for some takeout from Surin of Thailand and a special birthday cake that Maren made for me. My best friends dropped off a large box of wine, a Birthday Bomb beer (Prairie) a new mug, opener, socks, and birthday cake body wash. It was such a surprise, thanks girls!

Birthday beer

Everyone went out of their way to make sure I had a great weekend and I am so thankful for my family and friends. It’s good to know that at this stage of my life I have managed to surround myself with such great people.

Sorry for such a long post- it’s been a crazy month and I haven’t been able to blog as much as I’d like. I’m also working on some changes to my pages, hope to bring that to you soon. Have a great week everyone!

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